This is a partial list of projects completed by basee

  • Developed Strategy and supporting Business Plan for a major international gas turbine manufacturer.
  • Created and/or supported positioning strategies for various micro and mini-turbine developers.
  • Identified and developed Strategic Partnership relationship for a new market entrant at 500kW and 1.6MW.
  • Prepared a preliminary cost study for a novel 350kW gas turbine engine.
  • Participated in a detailed risk assessment for a major U.S. gas turbine manufacturer.
  • Developed both a detailed Corporate Business Plan and a Product Strategy for a novel Oil-Free Turbo Compressor concept.
  • Developed product and commercialization strategies for various component manufacturers: recuperators, web-based asset management and command & control software, fuel gas boosters, high speed motor/generators, power electronics, and investment castings...
  • Performed investment due diligence work for venture capital firms J.P. Morgan Partners, Perseus, Thayer Capital and Metapoint Partners...